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if i could only afford to travel more than i do...maybe someday i'll be independently wealthy and have the ability to travel with impunity. eventually there will be copious amounts of photos in this album, but for the time being there are nearly four hundred fifty. the pages are still under construction, so please be patient with me. i can only type so fast!

british columbia road trip, june 2001 (264 slides)

they don't call it "beautiful british columbia" for nothing. if there weren't so much red tape between me and a job in bc, i'd be living there right now instead of oregon. so until i can find a way to move up there on a permanent basis i'll have to settle for road trips and photo memories. here's my first (photographically documented) trip to southern bc.

oregon pictures, various dates from 1999 to 2001 (36 slides)

one of my favourite pastimes is wandering even if it's only around the valley here, and i almost always chastise myself if i don't bring one of my cameras along. the pictures in this section are from a couple different rolls of film, and i'm still working on scanning in more. eventually i'll have pictures of the oregon coast aquarium as well as more from my various travels (finished and planned) around the state.

quebec holiday, october 1999 (156 slides)

a cramped seat on the greyhound bus for just over three days each way was my first escape after losing my house and everything i owned (except what i had in my car) in a house fire june 1999. i'd never been to the east coast in autumn, and it was interesting to see the different foliage and all the colours. la belle province gave me a good opportunity to brush up on my french as well as some great vistas.

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