Penelope would like to take a moment to remember her friends, confidants and housemates Pandora and Cabal who were unable to escape the house fire on the 11th of June 1999. Odysseus and Penelope escaped with relat ively minor burns and injuries. Odysseus died due to complications caused by the stress of the fire and a remission of his fatal disease (chrondritis) in his sleep on the 11th of August 1999.

Cabal, in the lower right hand side of the image map below, was the first iguana his human ever owned. He had a rough life dealing with improper dietary information and the results thereof. He had broken both his arms at one point, but in the past 3 ye ars he had improved greatly overcoming Metabolic Bone Disease and graduating from an aggressive cage-bound iguana to a full-fledged free roamer. Cabal was purchased from a pet store in the fall of 1993 as a hatchling.

Pandora, in the upper left hand side of the image map below, was a rescued iguana that came to live with Odysseus, Penelope and Cabal in the fall of 1997. She was gravid when she arrived, but during her quarantine time she reabsorbed her eggs. She adju sted quickly to a proper diet and the opportunity to free roam. Throughout her stay with them, she improved greatly becoming more socialized and healthy. She had grown approximately 8" in total length after recovering from Metabolic Bone Disease (which ca used her jaw to be deformed).

Odysseus, in the upper right hand quarter of the image map below, was the second iguana to claim ownership of his human. He was probably the nicest iguana to ever live (no, I'm not biased at all!). He was purchased from a pet store as a hatchling, and he had graduated to full free-roaming status with his selected harem of girls (Penelope and Pandora).

All three of these iguanas, Cabal, Pandora and Odysseus, will live forever in memory.

It seems that the majority of iguana information that Pandora's human is aware of is located somewhere on the web. The subsequent pages in this collection are just that: a collection of information that is available on the web as well as some personal in formation about the iguanas in this household. All credit is given to the creators of this information, and permission is currently being requested for use of this information. If the creators of the information herein refuse permission, the information will be removed from this site.

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