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(w)hysteria: thoughts from a discontented american

so many people whisper when they should be screaming. the state of the world in these present days is disturbing to say the least. if one were to believe biblical prophecies, one would be inclined to prepare for the coming of the end of the world. of course, the end of the world, as prophecied, arrives with war, pestilence, and famine. all of which we see every day on the news. humanity has created for itself a shabbily-woven basket in which it is descending, collectively, into the depths of hell. so stop whispering, all of you closet protesters; rise up and scream at the top of your lungs until somebody decides to listen.

deny everything

we live in a society of deniability and avoidance of responsibility. it didn't used to be this way. whatever happened to the people of this nation to initiate such a change, well it's hard to say, but the level of cynicism rising in the younger generations seems only to foment the situation.

everything from "faulty intelligence" to the so-called "tax-cuts" that are claimed by this administration seem to be lacking in public servant accountability. th fact that many americans were led to believe that saddam hussein had direct connections with the world trade centre attack in 2001 is disappointing. when the media broadcasts only what the adminstration wants them to, where is journalistic integrity? what happened to the hard-hitting questions? since when do good journalists take what a few say and report it as fact without digging for the truth? how can the american people sit back and not hold the people in public office accountable for their actions?

our public servants seem to have forgotten who hired them for the job. the hard-earned tax dollars of the american people pay the salaries of the administration, so each member of said group should be accountable to the american people. forget the perks from corporate america; forget the money from lobbyists; forget the campaign financing. all of that is above and beyond the wages earned by public officials, and such bribes should not hold sway over decisions being made. the american people need to stop whispering behind closed closet doors and burst out demanding accountability.

when this administration withdrew from the kyoto treaty to restrict emissions of greenhouse gases, where were the american people demanding accountability? it seem the majority of us were unaware of the implications of such an actions. to whom was the administration responding? corporate america, of course. when our "elected" president pushed for oil drilling in the arctic wilderness, who pulled the strings? once again: corporate america. who called for the end of overtime pay and got more tax cuts? corporate america. do you see a pattern here?

corporate america holds the strings controlling the marionettes in public office--when the ceos say dance, the administration does the most amazing sashay right around the american public interest and stomps their feet loudly on the constitution on the way past. by controlling the media, they can successfully keep the majority of the public in the dark whilst they deftly whittle away at the basic human rights outlined in the constitution.

the greatest example of this "sculpting" of our rights is the poorly-named USA PATRIOT act. the name alone is a buzz-word meant to garner loyalty, but the contents therein defy the entire basis of this once-great nation. it is now legal for an american citizen to be held incarcerated indefinitely without official charges, without access to an attorney, without due process, solely on the basis of suspected and unproven activity. there are camps set up to hold "enemy combatants" within the borders of the united states. this is reminiscient of the camps for japanese americans during the second world war. this is reminiscient of mccarthyism and the house un-american activities committee during the cold war. american citizens are required to submit to illegal searches of their private property, with no search warrant, if there is "intelligence" stating that they may be "enemy combatants". after seeing the reaction of this administration with the 2001 intelligence, one begs to question the logic of this. with bush jumping every gun in his "preemptive war" on iraq, can anyone truthfully say that the USA PATRIOT act is a good idea?

welcome to the corporate states of america

benito mussolini said, "fascism should more properly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of state and corporate power." when one looks at the american government over the past fifty years, how else can one judge the subtle shifts that have occurred? is the government becoming more like a corporation, or are the corporations becoming governments of themselves? with privatization and deregulation of the government, handing key decisions affecting the economy, environment, educational system, and well-being of the american people to corporate interests, our government is taking the necessary steps to become a fascist regime.

the whittling away of the rights given us in the u.s. constitution and the combining of corporate and state interests should make all the citizens and immigrants residing within the u.s. borders, as well as the people around the globe, stand up and pay attention. the international nature of corporate america coupled with the "world police" attitude of the government cries of imperialist politics. the people of the persian gulf see this; why don't we? occupation of oil-rich lands by american corporate interests flies in the face of democracy. america as we know it now is a growing empire in the tradition of rome and great britain. an expanding empire is often indicative of social troubles in the base nation. can you see it all around you?

see the mushroom people! admittance: submit to corporate domination

take a step out of the closet in which the government has closed you, look around at the state of this world we live in, and raise your voice. let your whispers become screams. let the world know that you are seeing what is happening, that you are learning, and that you will no longer sit back passively while they take away your rights and drag your nation into the mire. creep out of the darkness, cease to be a mushroom, and refuse to eat the bullshit they want to feed us.

if enough people strive to know the truth and refuse to allow the claim of "plausible deniability," things will have to change. demand the democracy this country is supposed to be.

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The graceful pride of truth knows no extremes, and preserves, in every latitude of life, the right-angled character of man.
-Thomas Paine, 1737-1809

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