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i believe wholeheartedly in supporting the bands i appreciate. for this reason, i have decided not to put actual sound bites on this site. if you want sound bites, most of the sites listed below have sound bites available. i would highly recommend purchasing their albums--at least four of the bands linked below are not signed on major labels, and the sale of their merchandise is their only way of making money. support independent music!!

down under and lovin' it--you'll have to calm down and have a listen
30 Odd Foot of Grunts

everlasting, ever imitated, never equalledthe one, the only, david bowie--what more can i say?
David Bowie

take celtic traditional, throw in some bluegrass, mix up a little reggae, play it all with a bit of a ska beat--gotta check them out
The Clumsy Lovers

incredible voice, incredible music, incredible message
Leonard Cohen

such a wide variety of folk rock--where to begin?
Ani Difranco

ballads with an alternative twist--very intriguing

celtic alternative with a taste of the maritimes (canadian maritime provinces)
Great Big Sea

what can i say--he's timeless
Jethro Tull

probably the most recognizeable north american folk music, if i may say so myself
Gordon Lightfoot

electronic, techno-industrial--what category was that again?
Manifest Vision

there's a message there if you just have the guts to listen to it
Marilyn Manson

take her beautiful voice and mix it with uncomparable celtic strains
Loreena McKennitt

is it old or new? hard to tell, but it sure is good!
Sarah McLachlan

flamenco rock--prepare yourself for greatness

making incredibly powerful music all by himself--amazing
Nine Inch Nails

don't the words german and industrial just fit together?

another great group of guys from vancouver--they make great music there
Spirit of the West

the ultimate in garage band punk with some other stuff thrown in for good measure
Violent Femmes

someday there will be more on this list, but i'm waiting for some of my other favourite bands to get their websites up and running. in the time being, check out these ones and enjoy. if you'd like to introduce me to a band (keeping in mind that i listen to most everything), feel free to send a link my way. also, if any of the above links are broken, please let me know!

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Society is always diseased, and the best is the most so.
-Henry David Thoreau

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