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Wednesday, March 17th, 1999. Headline: The Department of Transportation Practices Dental Work on the Teeth of the Country - end headline. I was watching the news tonight, and they were talking to someone from the Department of Transportation, and they were saying that it's not unlike dental work, the repairing of pot holes in the road where they take and they scrape off about three inches of blacktop and put new pavement or blacktop or tar down to cover this gaping hole, and I was thinking that these roads, these things we drive on, are the black, rotting, cavity-ridden teeth that gnaw and gnash and chomp on the countryside and they tear it apart and they're just rotting away like the teeth of a junky who doesn't brush and there's bits of rotting meat sitting in these teeth rotting and stinking up the country, and there's parasites, parasites on wheels that wander about on these teeth and rot them away like bits of sugar and syrup on the teeth of the country, and I'm just rambling, but it was just a strange thought that the Department of Transportation is practising dental work on the teeth of the country. That's so sick, so disgusting that we have these roads that take up wetlands and forestlands and grasslands and mountains and rivers and criss cross and wander and meander and go nowhere and destroy and vilify and it's so bad. It's just disgusting, the stuff that we do to our country, to our land, to our earth, and we drive these cars and pollute the air and build factories and smokestacks and airports and electrical plants and nuclear plants when we could have so much more if we only had less. At time like these you just wonder, and you look across the valley, and you see the lights of the city, and you see the smoke rising off the smokestacks, and you see the airplanes gouting exhaust into the air, and you see the cars swarming on the road like so many ants, and you rage, and you feel this intense disgust like bile rising into the back of your throat and choking you, and you see the clouds, and you see the smog, and you see the flashing and the wires that criss cross the country and the signs and the headlights and the exhaust pipes, and you rage, and you feel this bile that sits in the back of your throat and it rises up, and it makes you just cry, and you want to rage, and you want to destroy, and you want to rise up and stab them with your plastic forks and take back our country and take back our earth and take back the wilderness that was once here and give back this habitat to the animals and repopulate with creatures and crawling animals and slithering snakes and creeping bugs and go back to living in a teepee and living off the land and gathering from the natural organic bushes that thrive in this new found wilderness and hunting those animals that we come across for food not for joy, not for pleasure, not for the newest trophy to put on your wall, and you eat everything that you take, and you give thanks to the earth for providing this abundance. But no, we build these roads, we build these factories, we build these train tracks, we build these power plants, we build these lights, we build these nuclear plants, we build bombs, we build tools of destruction. What are we doing to our world? How can we sit by and watch our world just be destroyed as we sit and we watch everything happen on television; we watch the mindless, mindless babble of those who think they know what they're talking about and realize, finally can we realize that we know nothing, that we don't appreciate the earth, that we don't know what we're doing and that we can only try to make a difference, that we can only try to pass the laws that will save our planet, that will rejuvenate the nature, that will rebuild the earth that we have destroyed. How can we sit by and just watch? But we do, and we don't know. We are so uneducated. Education is not something you get from going to school. Education is something that you get from the world. You get education from living. Life is education. School is not education. In school you learn of the history and the heinous crimes that have befallen our county, our world, our state, that we have done to our country. You see the forests decimated. You see the grasslands burned. You see the animals die. You see the wetlands filled in to build condos. This is not right. How can we sit by and make jokes of the highway department doing dental work on the teeth of the nation when these teeth, these teeth are rotting, these teeth are destroying, these teeth are causing our world to fall apart? The Earth will go on; we cannot kill her and why we try is beyond me. We try. As humans we have brought about more destruction in the last 200 years than has ever existed before. No act of nature could destroy as much as we have. We talk big about hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and fire and how they're so bad and so heinous and it's a disaster. It is nothing, NOTHING, compared to what we have done. We will die. Everyone will die. We will destroy our air; we will destroy our land, but the Earth will live on. The primordial soup will rise again. That first creature to crawl out of the sea, to have legs, will survive, and the humans will die. What a refreshing thought, to think that someday, a million years from now, there will be renewal; life will begin again. After we have destroyed ourselves with nuclear bombs and roads and pollution and factories, one day we can dream of this day, but we know, we know we will never see this day. This day will not occur in the lifetime of the human race. But yet, here we are, and we see the lights in the city, and we drive on the roads, and we see the signs, and we build the bridges, and we criss cross this great nation, this great world, and we're oblivious. Mankind is oblivious to the destruction that he causes. How can it be? How can it be that mankind can be so naieve to think that we are the top of the food chain, to think that we are the most intelligent, to think that we have the power to change; we have no power over the Earth. We cannot control the natural occurrences, we cannot guide the toronado to avoid that town, we cannot push the hurricane away from the shore, we cannot stop the earthquake, we can try to stop the fire but in stopping the fire we build it bigger. We are creating the bonfire that will destroy us. We are creating our own destruction, and the road department is practising dentistry on the teeth of the nation.

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