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who am i?

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who's the turtle?

online aliases: turtle, mockturtle, cabal, magnus

hobbies: writing, kayaking, training dogs, web design

age: yeah, right!

eye colour: hazel

sign: leo

shoe size: 41.5 (european), 9.5 (u.s.)

height: 5'10"

weight: yeah, right!

relationship status: terminal spinster

favourite colour(s): british racing green, navy blue, royal purple, black

favourite smells: fresh roses, chocolate, alfalfa hay, freshly tilled dirt

favourite foods: chocolate, italian, japanese, thai, barbecue

home: hillsboro, oregon

places i've lived: oregon (coast range and willamette valley), seattle washington, barcelona spain, quito ecuador, hawai'i big island

places i've travelled to: spain, france, ecuador, mexico, canada, and a good portion of the lower 48 u.s. states

family: one sister, 5 years younger

friends: most of my friends are people i've either never met (email list members) or people i've worked with

ethnicity: scotch, irish, french, and german for the most part

education: master's degree in spanish and various miscellaneous courses here and there

employment history: food service to college professor and lots of stuff in between

career goals: eventually, i'd like to publish something i've written somewhere besides a college literary magazine

past career goals: i wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as i can remember, but my extreme animal allergies precluded that as a career choice

geekly info: i've worked mostly on hardware and software support, web design, and teaching internet neophytes how to use email and design web pages

favourite authors: j.r.r.tolkein, robert heinlein, clive barker, brian jacques, margaret atwood, chuck palahniuk, richard adams, thomas paine, bertrand russell, robert sawyer, john grisham, robert ludlum, michael crichton, william gibson, michael moore and too many others to list

favourite music: the police, pink floyd, disturbed, ani difranco, gordon lightfoot, nick cave, floater, jethro tull, manifest vision, marilyn manson, enigma, alanis morissette, 30 odd foot of grunts, current 93, sol invictus, great big sea, rammstein, billie holiday, coil, henry mancini, patsy cline, david bowie, america, toto, primus, the proclaimers, tantric, nirvana, leonard cohen, alice in chains, bruce cockburn, and far too many others to list

favourite movies: fight club, gladiator, a beautiful mind, monty python (all of them), seven, heathers, the sound of music, my fair lady, a bug's life, the bourne identity, the dead poet society, trainspotting, seven, the goonies, star wars (the original three), and the list can go on

favourite tv shows: star trek: the next generation, red dwarf, fawlty towers, monty python, coupling, blackadder, star trek: enterprise, keeping up appearances, so graham norton, cracker, johnathan creek, parkinson

trekkie? maybe, i'd have to say i'm somewhat of a trekkie though i prefer st:the next generation, st:voyager, and st:enterprise over st:the original series and st:deep space 9, so i guess i don't qualify as a true trekkie

sports? i'll watch the occasional hockey game and some extreme sports, but generally i'm not much of a sports fan

computer games i occasionally obsess over: age of empires, descent ii, cubis

celebrities i'd love to jump in the hot tub with: russell crowe, brad pitt, matt damon, jude law, han solo (ok, i know he's a character, but what can i say), sigourney weaver, sean connery, sean patrick flannery, angelina jolie, vinnie jones, jason statham, morgan freeman, ashley judd, christian slater, patrick stewart, jamie lee curtis, hugh jackman, ewan mcgregor, renee zellweger, johnny depp, heath ledger, lori petty, kevin spacey, kevin kline

you collect what? flags, bumper stickers, postcards, recipes

miscellaneous interests: travel, cooking, animals, computers, music, movies, books

pets: technically, i no longer have these pets since they are all on the mainland with my parents, but i still try to lay claim to them.... amigo (border collie), theseus (colombian red-tail boa), legs (cat), cali (cat), poz (cat), shadeaux (cat), comet (cat), regalo rojo (horse), misty (horse), bell (donkey), capitan (donkey), and several cows whose names i can't recall right now

nessie? aliens? absolutely. how can we be the only intelligent life in this universe... wait, did i say intelligent? i misspoke. and the legend of loch ness, well, i can't help but believe that something exists beyond science. we humans aren't nearly as omniscient as we would like to think

political affiliation: none, i don't believe in politics and try to avoid it at all times

theology: there's something out there. if i were to form my entire theological viewpoint simply on the molecular structure and behaviour of water, it would take a while to explain. in the meantime, suffice it to say that i believe there is a higher power overseeing the mechanics of the universe, but i don't really think this higher power gives a fuck about how humanity kills itself

stuff i don't like, find annoying or distasteful: parents who can't (or won't) control their children in public, bigotry/racism/sexism, the public education system, people who try to push their religion on others, war, politicians, mushrooms, lazy people, online grammar, people who raise their voice when someone doesn't understand (just because someone doesn't understand doesn't mean they're deaf)

number one pet peeve: improper grammar in published works (some editors are grossly overpaid)

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quote of the moment:

A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
-Lao Tzu

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